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Union Woman Accused of Shoplifting 18 Cases of Beer

Daniel Prince

Incidents occurred between September 26 and October 5

Last Monday, Public Safety Officer Malik Anthony Brown was dispatched to Walmart to meet with the loss prevention officer there. He told Brown there were three separate shoplifting incidents involving the same individual. The cases involve 54-year-old Virginia Leigh Diamond. Diamond is accused of entering Walmart on September 26, selecting six cases of Michelob beer, placing them in a shopping cart, and then going past all points of sale and exiting the store without paying for the beer. Sgt. Chris Fleming viewed the video footage of the incident with Officer Brown and confirmed Diamond was the subject. She is accused of doing the same thing on September 30th, again selecting six cases of Michelob beer, passing all points of sale, and exiting the store. Fleming and Brown confirmed on the video footage that it was Diamond. On October 5th, Diamond again went to Walmart, again selected six cases of beer, and then left the store without paying. She put the beer in a dark-colored pickup truck and then went back into the store, where she attempted to load beer in her cart again. This time, a store associate asked her for her receipt, which she said she had left. She then turned around, went down an aisle, left the cart and beer, and then exited the store, driving off in the dark-colored pickup. Again, the incident was verified via video footage. Upon a later search of Diamond’s criminal history, they found she has at least two prior property crime convictions. Diamond faces three counts of shoplifting enhanced. The stolen beers were worth a total of $339.

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