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Union Woman Arrested After Reportedly Attacking Man With a Machete

Daniel Prince

Woman charged with 2nd-degree criminal domestic violence and another charge from a previous incident

A Union woman has been charged in connection with a domestic incident that sent a man to the hospital for treatment. Last Friday afternoon, PSO Malik Brown was dispatched to Union Medical Center for a report of an assault. He spoke with the injured man there. The man’s hand was covered in medical gauze and tape. There was blood on both of the man’s hands, and there was a bloodstained bag beside him. Brown asked the man what happened, and he said that his girlfriend, identified as 53-year-old Tulene Johnson, had split up. Johnson had gone to jail the previous day and had been released Friday. While he was at his brother’s residence, he said Johnson came over and asked about a cell phone. He told her that he did not have her phone. He said Johnson then came at him with a machete, and he held his hands up to protect himself, and she sliced his thumb. He said he sat around for a while waiting for the bleeding to stop, but when it didn’t, he went to the hospital for treatment. Since the two had previously cohabitated, Johnson was charged with 2nd degree criminal domestic violence. She also faces an assault and battery charge stemming from an incident the previous day where she hit the man in the back with a lanyard with keys on it.

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