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Woman Charged With Financial Transaction Card Fraud

Daniel Prince

Woman, man also charged with resisting arrest

A Union woman faces charges of financial transaction card fraud and resisting arrest. The original incident took place Monday, August 23.

That Wednesday, Deputy Tenika Grubbs responded to an address on Railroad Street about a theft. Grubbs spoke with the complainant, who stated someone had stolen his Capital One card from his mailbox. He stated that on Monday, a female subject had asked him if she had some mail. He told the woman the black mailbox belonged to his residence. He told Grubbs the woman lives near the area. He stated he did not see the woman at the mailbox, but she kept walking in the area near his residence. He said he then received notifications from Capital One showing someone tried to use his inactivated card at Exxon and Rodeway Inn on August 24. Both transactions were declined since the card was not activated and locked.

This Monday, Cpl. Stanley and Sgt. Felts went to an address on Arthur Street to serve a warrant on Jennifer Inman in connection with the case. They also were serving a warrant on Vincent Jeter in a separate incident. Jeter had failed to register as a sex offender. Felts saw a black male that looked like Jeter walk into the residence. County units attempted multiple times to knock. A few minutes later, deputies heard a loud bang come from the residence.

Units surrounded the home while Cpl. Stanley got on the loudspeaker of his patrol vehicle and announced three times for both subjects to come outside because they were under arrest. After the third announcement, Jeter came to the door and was taken into custody. Stanley and Felts searched the residence for nearly 20 minutes before Felts found Jennifer Inman hiding in the corner behind the sectional sofa. She was arrested and told she would be charged with resisting arrest.

Stanley and Felts saw multiple drug paraphernalia items in plain view in the living room. Stanley collected five pipes commonly used to smoke narcotics and a black bag containing needles. Felts found a small black bag with a lock pick tool, and several other objects commonly used in burglary attempts. He also found a container with a variety of pills inside.

Inman and Jeter were transported to the jail. While there, Jeter stated the loud bang heard in the house was him falling through the ceiling as he attempted to hide from deputies. Inman is charged with financial transaction card theft and resisting arrest, while Jeter is charged with failure to register as a sex offender.

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