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Woman Charged With Financial Transaction Card Theft

Daniel Prince

Woman accused of stealing nearly $500 through Cash App

A Union woman faces two counts of financial transaction card theft in a case dating to last November. A man walked into the Union Public Safety Department in mid-December last year to report debit card fraud. He said he noticed on November 22 that his bank account balance at Founders Federal Credit Union was lower than expected. When he contacted the bank, he found purchases made through Cash App that he had not made. He gave officers a list of the transactions.

When asked if he knew who might have had his banking information, he stated he was sure that Lacey Millwood was responsible. He stated she had come by his house to visit. She had no money or food, so the man said he gave her $20 from his wallet. He left the room to go to the bathroom, and he said Millwood acted startled when he came back into the room. She told him he had dropped his wallet. He stated she may have taken a picture or written down the information from the debit card. Nothing was missing from the wallet. The debit card was linked to a Cash App account that wasn’t his, and that account was responsible for all the unknown transactions.

He recognized the name of a co-worker on the list of transactions, so he confronted the man about it. He said the man provided him with a screenshot proving that Millwood sent him the money through Cash App. However, the victim did not save the screen shot and the photo attachment was deleted from the conversation by the other man. A total of $487.99 was taken from the man’s account.

27-year-old Lacy Brianna Millwood was arrested Thursday and charged with two counts of financial transaction card theft.

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