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Woman Charged With Hit and Run in the City

Daniel Prince

Victim went to school with the suspect

Last Thursday, Sgt. Bryan Shaver was dispatched to a car wreck in the area of Keenan Avenue and North Pinckney Street in the City of Union. Dispatch informed him that a black female had fled the scene, running in the direction of Keenan Avenue. Shaver arrived on scene and found the two cars in the roadway that had been involved in the collision.

He spoke with a man on scene who was the driver of one of the vehicles. He stated he was driving north on North Pinckney Street when a vehicle ran the stop sign at Keenan Avenue and struck his 2006 BMW in the driver’s side door. He said a black female jumped out of the other vehicle and fled the scene, running down Keenan Avenue. The man identified the woman as 27-year-old La’Quandra Sha’Nee Coleman, saying he had gone to high school with her. He said he chased her on foot until he got to the railroad tracks on Keenan Avenue and saw her run onto the property of Keenan Oaks apartments. He then returned to his vehicle. The man asked to be checked out by EMS. He was then transported to Union Medical Center.

The other vehicle was a 2008 Chevy Impala, but the tag came back to a 2001 Toyota Camry registered to a man from Carlisle. The VIN number of the vehicle came back registered to a man in Saluda. Inside the vehicle, Shaver found a black purse containing Coleman’s ID and several debit cards in Coleman’s name. After running her information, her license came back suspended. While waiting for the vehicles to be towed, Coleman’s boyfriend came to the scene, stating the car was his and that Coleman must have gotten an old license plate out of his closet and put it on the vehicle.

Coleman was charged with hit and run with minor injury, and was ticketed for operating an uninsured vehicle, use of another vehicle’s license plate, failure to yield for a stop sign, and driving under suspension third offense.

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