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Woman Charged With Insurance Fraud

Daniel Prince

Woman made claims with two different insurance companies and never got the vehicle fixed

A Union woman has been charged with filing a false insurance claim. The report from the Union Public Safety Department states that 53-year-old Shelly Ann Karcanes had purchased a 2013 Nissan Juke from Union Kar Konnection. The vehicle was damaged at some point, and Karcanes filed a claim with Nationwide Insurance. She received $1618.75 for repairs, but the report stated she did not get the vehicle fixed. A month after that, the report states that Karcanes switched insurance companies and filed a claim with Allstate Insurance for the same damages. She was awarded $1158.91 and received $658.91 after a $500 deductible. The report states she still did not get the vehicle fixed. The case was forwarded to investigations. According to the arrest warrant, Karcanes made the first claim with Nationwide on March 10 of this year, and she filed the claim with Allstate on May 2. She was arrested Monday and charged with filing a false insurance claim.

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