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Woman Charged With Petit Larceny in Incidents at Bank, Residence

Daniel Prince

Woman accused of stealing items from bank's bathroom, package from porch

A Union woman faces three counts of petit larceny from a bank, but money was not the object of the theft. Last Monday afternoon, PFC Hill was dispatched to Arthur State Bank for a theft that had occurred there. Hill spoke to the complainant, who stated that a woman later identified as 56-year-old Carla Beth Wade had entered the bank earlier that day and requested to use the restroom. The subject then left the property with multiple bags filled with property that belonged to three of the bank’s employees. The items were taken from the restroom. Wade was found sitting on a bench a couple of blocks from the bank. After being told her rights, she agreed to speak with officers. She stated she went to the bank earlier that day. When asked about the missing items, in particular a flat iron that was missing, Wade stated it was hers and she had owned it for ten years. Pfc Hill noticed other items in Wade’s possession that were reported stolen in the incident, as well. The bank employees were contacted, and they positively identified all of the property that had been taken, including the flat iron, feminine hygiene products, mouthwash, deodorant, hair spray, a comb, a brush, and a toiletry bag. Wade was arrested and charged with petit larceny. She was also placed on trespass notice from the bank.

In a separate incident that occurred this Monday, a woman flagged down Sgt. Kristen Spencer and told her that Wade had taken an Amazon package off the porch of a residence on East Main Street. She then went over to the Union County Achievement Academy and opened the package. Sgt. Shaver responded to the area and found that Spencer had detained Wade. He advised her of her rights, and she agreed to speak with him. She said she took the package from the porch of the residence. She said she thought it was hers, despite the fact she had never lived at that address. The package was taken back to its owner, who confirmed everything was there. The package was valued at $32. Wade was placed on trespass notice from the residence, and she was charged with petit larceny in the case.

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