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Woman Charged With Vandalizing Walmart

Daniel Prince

Woman had two juveniles with her

Late Tuesday afternoon, PSO Malik Brown was dispatched to Walmart for a vandalism in progress. Brown, Cpl. Malik Harris, and Captain Eddie Williams met with the Walmart employees dealing with the incident. 31-year-old Alyssia Brooke Sinclair and two juveniles with her were involved in the vandalism. The employees said they originally asked Sinclair to pay for the silly string and clean up the mess. She did so but began causing a scene, so management wanted everyone involved placed on trespass notice from the store.

While officers tried to get both sides of the story, Sinclair became belligerent and walked off. Brown tried to stop her and get her to sign the trespass notice, but she said she would not sign anything. He told her she was not allowed to be back in Walmart. After she left, Brown needed to talk to her again to get the information on the juveniles that were with her.

Brown and Williams went to her vehicle and advised her to come back into the store so the issue could be resolved. She placed the vehicle in reverse while Brown was at the rear of her vehicle. Williams observed her slap one of the juveniles in the face with the back of her hand. Sinclair was informed she was under arrest and to step out of the vehicle. She then proceeded to back into Brown and turn the vehicle, which was then pointed at Captain Williams. At that point, the vehicle was considered a weapon, so officers unholstered their firearms.

One of the juveniles exited the vehicle from the front passenger door, which allowed Williams to reach inside and turn off the vehicle. Brown reached into the driver’s side door and pulled Sinclair out of the vehicle. She began to struggle and fight with officers as she was being detained. Sinclair faces charges of vandalism of property, resisting arrest, and cruelty to children.

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