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Work Still Progressing on Sewer Projects, Subdivision in Buffalo

Daniel Prince

June meeting date moved one week later than normal

At Tuesday night’s Union City Council meeting, council members voted to move the June meeting to June 28 at 6:30 p.m. due to scheduling conflicts with a conference that will be going on June 21, which was the date of the regular meeting.

City Administrator Joe Nichols gave updates on several projects the city has going, including the Carlisle sewer project. He said the reason they prepurchased the pumps and other items was because of the long lead times in getting equipment. He said he hopes bids will go out in July. It will be bid out in three divisions—one doing the construction of the pump stations, and two doing work on different ends of the 11 miles of force mains needed. The deadline to have the work done is June 2023, which he said they are working hard to meet.

He noted that all grant applications have been submitted for the Jonesville sewer project, but it may be fall of this year before the city and county hear back from them all.

He said the housing project with Buffalo Creek Properties continues to move forward. The group submitted a new plat showing different commercial properties on Highway 215. They are still committed to at least 50 homes. Nichols noted the slowdown is occurring in getting land disturbance permits and other things, as there is a lot of new construction going on in the state and the permitting process is slowing down as a result.

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